[その他] 絶体絶命都市3 ~お姉さまイベント~

 So get this...

Irem seemed to be planning their time-honored April Fool's gag to serve as a marketing gimmick for the upcoming Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 4 release.However, since much of Kanto is still reeling from the effects of the recent earthquake, they eventually decided not to go through it, even going as far as canceling the release entirely. I would have wanted to see it since I'm a fan of the first three games, but I'm all for taking the feelings of the survivors into consideration too.

Admittedly, I started playing Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 again after learning about the disaster, which in turn motivated me to pick up where I left off in the FAQ I was writing for it. That being said, I wanted to share one of my favorite parts of the game with the non-Japanese speaking populace out there. Though it looks labor-intensive, this post actually served as a refreshing break from translating the dizzying array of dialogue choices on offer.

In case anyone asks, these scenes DO happen in the game. You just have to make the right choices to activate the Ayami flag. Irem is freaky like that.

*Beware, this entry is image and spoiler heavy.

 Irem Software Engineering, CalorieMate and oK LLC presents:
"A (GL) Romance Blooming Amidst The Ruins Of Central Island:  Rina Makimura x Ayami Hazuki's Onee-sama Event".
*Scene 1: The fated first meeting at Hotel High Urban, after successfully getting Ayami off the ledge:

Rina: What a cute girl...

 Ayami: Eh? Um...

 Saki: Geez, stop looking at Hazuki-san like that. You're making her uncomfortable... >_>
*Scene 2: Ayami decides to part with the group temporarily to follow Hikawa. Saki asks Rina to divvy up the supplies since Ayami will be roughing it in the disaster area alone:

Rina: I would give my all to Hazuki-san.

Saki: Your "all" isn't necessary. Just giving her some food will do... =o=;;

Ayami: Your all...? Please stop making fun of me... -_-;;

Ayami: ...but thanks. ^o^
*Scene 3: After settling down at the park to rest, Rina is awakened in the middle of the night by a sobbing Ayami.

Ayami: Sorry... I'm okay now.

 Ayami: I'm not really good at talking to people... in school, I don't have any friends.

 Ayami: I depended a lot on my brother, but now that he's gone...

Ayami: ...I don't know what to do with myself anymore...

Ayami: Sorry to be a bother... this isn't something I could talk about with anyone else...

Rina: Don't worry about it. We're lovers, aren't we?

Ayami: W-wha... you're always joking around... can't you take me seriously...? -_-;;

Ayami: Um... Makimura-san, is it okay if I call you Rina-san?

 Ayami: You can call me by my first name too if that's okay... or maybe it isn't...?

Rina: Why not address me as "Onee-sama"?

 Ayami: Onee-sama? O.o;;

 Ayami: Sorry... it's too embarrassing for me to call you that...

 Rina: I'm sure you'll do as I say... since you're a good girl and all...

Ayami: But, if I do as you say, I'll be...!

Ayami: ...all right... but only when we're alone together...

Ayami: When other people are present, please let me call you Rina-san... okay, Onee-sama? ^o~
*Scene 4: The three wake up the next morning to find Ishizawa gone.

Rina: I can pretty much understand why he wanted to get away from you two...

Saki: What's that supposed to mean...? If you would rather be alone as well, do whatever the heck you want... >: (

Ayami: That can't be... without Onee-sama, I'll be...!

Saki: ...A-Ayami-chan? O_O;;

Ayami: Oh... um... I think he just went ahead to the evacuation site... ^o^;;

(Way to make yourself less suspicious, Ayami-chan...)
*Scene 5: Saki decides to go the the hospital she used to work for since she heard from a colleague that the director never evacuated...

Rina: I'm so happy... now I can finally be alone with Ayami...

Ayami: Onee-sama... *blush*

 Saki: ....wait, what are you doing?  =_=;;

Ayami: Oh! Um... I'm very sorry. Well... maybe it's better if we go with you to the hospital! ^o^;;
*Scene 5.1: Same scene, different dialogue choice.

Rina:  I don't want to part with Saki-san! I'm coming along!

Saki: Rina-chan...? Thank you... ^_^

Ayami: Onee-sama is... cheating on me... >: (

(wwww, I can imagine Ayami going totally yandere on Rina's face under normal circumstances... XD)
*Scene 6: After tending to Ayami's wounds, Saki returns to the earthquake-battered hospital alone, insisting that the two stay behind.

Rina: I can't help but worry about you more than her...

Ayami: Oh, Onee-sama... *blush*

Ayami: That makes me happy, but... I wish you'd worry about Saki-san as well.
*Scene 7: Another aftershock occurs and Saki still hasn't emerged from the building. Ayami wants to go in after her.

Rina: You shouldn't put yourself in harm's way! I'm going in alone!

Ayami: Onee-sama...! *blush* All right, I'll be waiting for you...
*Scene 8: Rina and Saki are able to get out of the hospital in one piece before it totally crumbles to the ground, much to Ayami's relief.

Rina: I'm happy to be able to see my beloved Ayami again...

Ayami: Yes... I feel the same way... ^o^

Saki: Um... you guys... aren't you forgetting about me? =.=;;
*Scene 9: After the group is freed from the evacuation site thugs... 

Rina: Ayami, are you all right!? Are you hurt anywhere? (hugs Ayami tight)
Ayami: Kyah...!  Rina-san, I can't breathe... >o<;;

 Saki: Could it be that I'm not even being considered here...? =_=;;

(It would have been more intense if Rina and Ayumi looked like they were actually embracing each other... guess that's "hardware limitations" for you. Poor Saki never even got screen time for her "third wheel" woes.)
*Scene 10: The group seeks refuge in a ruined office building after barely escaping the pursuing mob.

Rina: No doubt about it, they're after Ayami because she's just too cute...!

Ayami: That can't be... I'm just... (stares dreamily at Rina)

Saki: Hey... what are you two doing? =.=;;

Ayami: S-sorry... didn't mean to... ^o^;;
*Scene 11: Saki and Ayami are knocked unconscious by a strong torrent of water as the building parking lot gets flooded.

Rina: (while employing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation) Hang in there, Ayami!

Ayami: (slowly coming to) You saved me...

Ayami: Rina-san... *blush*

(Wait, wasn't Saki unconscious? It should have been "Onee-sama". No biggie, at least they got to officially kiss now after all the hubbub.)
*Scene 12: Turns out that Hikawa was still alive, and he appears just in time to help the group dodge the mob. Hikawa then implores Rina to keep Ayami safe while he buys time for them to escape.

Rina: Yes! I'll take really good care of her!

Ayami:  ... and I'll do my best to follow you...

Hikawa: I don't feel uneasy anymore... look after Ayami for me.

(Hikawa-oniichan's given them his blessing. Cue wedding bells, please.) 
*Final Scene: Ishizawa has Ayami hostage at knifepoint. Rina devises a harebrained rescue scheme, but there's one item needed to make the job less stressful...

Saki: Oh yeah, Ayami-chan asked me to hold on to this earlier. You should have it.

*Received Item: "Ayami's Handkerchief"

"The scent puts you at ease"

"Smells good..." ^o^ Rina's stress drops to zero. Now to pull the ol' switcherroo on Ishizawa...

*Epilogue: A year later, Rina recieves a letter from Ayami...

Onee-sama, how are you doing? It's Ayami.

I apologize from the bottom of my heart if I committed a terrible sin by not writing to you sooner...

I'm not sure if you've gotten wind of this, but me and my brother have filed our testimony for the case against the Hazuki Corporation. I don't think society will ever forgive us for what happened in the island.

We've since distanced ourselves from the Hazuki family and started leading our own separate lives. I'm currently working at a nearby cafeteria. Cooking isn't particularly my strong point, but with regular practice I'm slowly getting better.

 If you happen to be close by... please come over and I'll make you something good to eat. It's been a dream of mine for Onee-sama to taste my home cooking. I also want you to see how I've matured since we last met, though I'm sure it wouldn't seem like much.

I'll be waiting for your reply... No matter how long it takes, I'll be waiting...

Your imouto, Ayami.


The screencaps were sourced from Riskett's nicovid, and translation was done by yours truly. ASCII emotes were necessary because you couldn't really feel the emotion without the voice acting. Don't be hating on the honorrifics too. : P


  1. Lol I seriously might play this game: #1 way to advertise a game for me is through Yuri options XD

  2. Well, in case you do, I can give you the 411 on how to get this scenario. Already have the steps in my FAQ notes, after all. ^_^

  3. hey, the gameplay with te boy its a similar story or i need another guide...? =S

  4. Story's the same. The method of getting Ayami's affection is different though, and there are no PDA scenes like with Rina.

    I've already pointed out the minor differences in my FAQ.

  5. Where can I get the school uniform for Rina?

  6. すみません、I have trouble getting お姉様 event on the second day... I tried the GL flag choices from the FAQ, but still can get it right.

  7. Hi and thanks for your guide.

    I and a group of others are thinking of attempting an English translation of This game as it looks like it will never happen otherwise. Would it be okay to use your guide to make things much easier for us? You would be properly credited of course.

    Let me know if you are happy with this :)


    1. No problem. Please keep me posted on how the effort is going. If there's anything else, I'll be happy to answer any other questions.