[PSP] 武装神姫 Battle Masters Mk.2

Before I got exposed to Busou Shinki, I was hard-pressed to see what some people find moe about mecha musume. The concept of humanoid female robots with equipment that some armies only dream of using was lost to me. Now I'm pretty much all about it. Given, I'm no total authority in MMS, but I know more than enough to carry on a decent conversation with a like-minded individual.

As the name implies, Busou Shinki Battle Masters Mk2 serves as a revamp of the first game as well as a sequel. If you have existing BSBM data, you can choose to start from the very beginning or continue from the point where you become the F1 Champion. For the latter, another major event that tops even the Applet Crisis Arc will occur, and the Busou Shinki battling world will be forever changed.


[Xbox 360] 黒歴史の始まり?

So I've finally managed to put down Neptune V for the time being...

My first agenda is getting the now hopelessly outdated "My Precious" section up to speed. After all, it won't be exclusively about handhelds anymore...

Anyway, one of the systems I never thought I'd get to own is the Xbox 360, known amongst the paltry Japanese folks who have them as "hako" (whether the context is affecionate or sarcastic is anyone's guess). It's king in the good ol' US of A despite being backwards in so many different aspects, but it's reception is mixed elsewhere.

Naturally, in keeping with my usual theme, this system is NTSC-J, pure Japan region. It wasn't hard to obtain given the dismal sales numbers in said area and most importantly, The price I got it for was a practical steal.

So if you care enough to read about the history, hit the break link. Otherwise, just feel free to drool over Kobato.