[VITA] Bullet Girls

To the Western world, the Vita was deemed a failure, being unable to generate enough sales compared to its predecessor. In my eyes though, it's the best portable system I've ever had. Got it since day one and it has served me well for years. Plus many of the (Japan-made) games are just my type, oftentimes being replayed in my newly-acquired Vita TV.

Bullet Girls happens to be one of them. In a nutshell, it's kind of like a mix of Senran Kagura and the anime Sabagebu! The concept of Japanese high school girls playing with guns is nothing new, but bullets from the weapons here hurt about as much as a flick to the forehead. The only real casualties are the clothes they are wearing.


[VITA] Miracle Girls Festival

To be perfectly honest, I was growing totally weary of the Project Diva series. The earlier games up until F were fun even with those troll songs that were nigh-impossible to clear without using assist items, and they helped me a lot with getting over motion sickness. However, F 2nd took the trolling to a new level, requiring all songs to be cleared to plat, including the deadly ones on Extreme. That was the last straw that broke the alpaca's back. Dropped it and never played X.

Even so, I still wanted something to play that had elements that are completely similar or even just reminiscent of that system. Miracle Girls Festival was just what the doctor ordered: 100% Project Diva style, No troll songs, and has almost all of my favorite characters in one moelicious little package.


[VITA] ぎゃる☆がん だぶるぴーす

Gal*Gun Double Peace is the sequel to a rather groundbreaking rail shooter game initially released on the Xbox 360 in 2011 by Alchemist & Inti Creates. Instead of shoot-to-kill with firearms, the main character in Gal*Gun uses his "lady-killer pheromone-infused gaze" to incapacitate lovestruck girls who chase after him, an aftereffect of a cupid(in-training)'s epic failure.

The 360 version later drew flak from fans because of a mandatory update that incorporated what's called "PPP" or Panties Protection Patch, where pantyshots were covered by fixed camera angles, dark filters and starch-infused skirts. Bad move considering that the essence of this game is softcore fanservice. The game was ported to the PS3 sans that dastardly patch a year later, and was well-received.

Now we come to this sequel, released for both the PS4 & Vita by the same outfits plus Experience, Inc. For clarity's sake, my review will be for the Vita version only.