[その他] 無駄だよ、これ... Orz

GameFAQs is now officially under my least-favorite sites list...

Despite my best efforts trying to re-input the JIS characters using my brand-spanking new Vaio laptop with Windows 7 OS set at 85% Japanese input/display, The recent update for the K-On! Houkago Live!! guide still emerged as a messy string of unicode crud.

My initial reactions were as follows...


[PSP] 探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ

Over the years, I have read a lot of detective stories, ranging from tween snippets like Encyclopedia Brown to more established classics along the lines of Sherlock Holmes. People who know me often say that my observational skills can be used in the same profession, but while I'm indeed OC with details, I'm also cursed with the "My Pace" habit. If I get too bored with something, I tend to abandon it halfway. That alone would make me an epic failure as a detective.

Bushiroad's Tantei Opera Milky Holmes follows almost the same tradition as any detective story, but adds a freaky aspect to it: the use of "Toys" or inborn abilities that exceed that of a normal human. Both detectives and phantom thieves posses such powers, which allows for a lot of confrontations that go well beyond the normal duels and dramatic pursuits. The PSP game actually serves as a prequel to the anime, so no worries regarding spoilers. Even so, my page break warning link still stands.


[PSP] つくものがたり

Atlus Japan used to be tops in the occult/supernatural games department, but no thanks to financial woes and in-house political hoo-ha, they eventually got swallowed up by their parent company Index Holdings. Given, the outfit still exists (in name, at least), but are now limited to mainly mobile/SNS game releases and paltry remakes. The only thing I'm looking forward from them now is the PSP version of Persona 2: Tsumi, but the release date is still far off and it seemed like there was nothing out there that can help tide me over. But then FuRyu's Tsukumonogatari happened.

The preview videos peaked my interest right away. At first glance, it looked and played like a spiritual (pun intended) successor to Tokyo Mono Hara Shi down to the TV anime-esque flow and severely restricted movement between event scenes. A melded galge and RPG setup, weird events and most importantly, cute girls voiced by established seiyuu... what's not to like?


[NDS] かわいい子猫DS2

Despite having childhood allergies, I absolutely adored cats. It was a lucky break for me that I quickly outgrew such a hindrance, so I have not been without a pet cat for years... that is, until I had to move to a new place where pets were not allowed. I begrudgingly had to bid farewell to my three beloved furbabies, and all I have left of them now are the memories and the multitude of pictures I took during happier times.

I'm not particularly fond of games that involve virtual pets, but had no other alternative since looking after the real thing cannot be done anymore. Kawaii Koneko DS2 was one the initial game purchases for my new DSi, and playing it has become a regular habit ever since.


[NDS] 恋するプリン! ~恋は大冒険! Dr.カンミの野望!?~

While it may not reflect in my prior posts, I like to lose myself in platformers every so often. I'm not a stranger to Mario, Sonic, Rockman, and several other iconic characters who went about their devil-may-care business braving pitfalls, squeezing through narrow pathways and getting past fiendish obstacles, animate or inanimate.

Koisuru Purin! ~Koi Wa Daibouken! Dr. Kanmi No Yabou!?~ is based on the shoujo manga that first ran in Shogakukan's Ciao! magazine. It tells the story of an oddball love triangle happening between an ikemen boy, a high-spirited (*cough*tsundere*cough*) girl and... a cute little blob of pudding? The game itself is a platformer with all the usual flavors, but adds it's own sugary style to the mix.


[PSP] Macross Triangle Frontier

I've been hearing about Macross forever. I first ran into it's localized "Robotech" version via the novels, a handful of which were in our school library. At that time though, the only robot that I favored was Rockman (as well as his eternally moelicious sister Roll) so it didn't really peak my interest.

Funny how people say that our younger years are supposed to be the time when we are most receptive and curious. For me, it was the complete opposite: I was set in my ways before but became more open to new things later on, especially with the Real Robot series. It started with Gundam, and now it's continuing with Macross. Part of my process of getting to know a series aside from the anime is through the tie-in games it has... that being said, I secured a copy of both Macross Ultimate Frontier and the most recent incarnation, Macross Triangle Frontier.


[PSP] GA: 芸術科アートデザインクラス Slapstick Wonder Land

I've been playing Lucky Star: Ryouou Gakuen Otousai Portable for several weeks now and realized that it's not all it's cracked up to be. Or maybe perhaps I'm not as fanatically inclined to Lucky Star as I once was... 

Frankly speaking, I don't know anymore. orz

Either way, I sought a few of my other older galge purchases for refuge, and out of all of them, GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class Slapstick Wonder Land stood out. I've had it for quite a while now, but waited until I could watch the anime (getting the DVDs took a little over a month) so I can appreciate the scenarios once I started playing.