[PSP] ペルソナ2罪

Is it Index, or is it Atlus? Make up your minds already!! Ever since the cult game outfit was lynched by their parent company, they've been having somewhat of a collective identity crisis. Index wants it's presence felt while using the Atlus name, which apparently still carries quite a bit of weight. Of course, with the two names struggling for elbow room, something's got to give...

Persona 2 Tsumi (more popularly known as Innocent Sin) was the first of two games originally released for the Playstation. This particular part never saw official stateside circulation because the silly Atlus USA people were "daunted" (this is my best attempt at substituting scathing expletives I'm very much dying to use) by the implied Yaoi undertones and the presence of Nazis and Hitler (they weren't fooling anyone by not giving a specific reason given their miserable track record of letting other Megaten gems slip past)...but wonder of wonders, 2011 seemed to be an uncharacteristic improvement for their part, as the PSP remake somehow got an NA release date for this coming September.

Speaking for myself though, I don't really expect much from them in terms of translation quality, so I'm sticking with the JP version.

9/29/11 EDIT: As usual, Atlus USA does not fail to disappoint. Features from the JP version were removed from the NA release, and worse, they never told anyone until later. Well done, you good-for-nothing freak jobs... well done... *insert sardonic grin here*


[その他] は~い、まだ生きているよ~!

So yeah.

Been out of the radar for a good long time, and while the better part of it was spent writing the ZZT3 FAQ (which rest assured will be concluded soon, for those of you who were looking), more of it was all about dealing with real life, both good and bad.

While I won't go into detail because it's not my style, let's just say that two people were subtracted from my already modest list of social contacts. I don't take kindly to those who insult my hobbies and go as far as to try and convince me to give them up for more "orthodox" interests.

Orthodox my foot.

Letting it go now... I just got my copy of Persona 2 Tsumi for the PSP and will be writing a review for it eventually, but first, allow me to show off a couple of rare otaku finds that I got for a practical steal.