[Xbox 360] ストパン白銀の翼秘密実績リスト

After completing Neptune ReBirth1, I was at a loss as to what I should play next.  It's back to the usual cycle of limbo where I sort my backlogs and half-tried stuff to find the next game I'll be losing time (and sleep) over.

Since the ol' box (360) has been gathering a bit of dust (both from minimal use and the stuff I stir up moving things around), I decided to give it a bit of love. Strike Witches: Hakugin No Tsubasa became my main focus on account of having watched the movie again only recently.

During one round of gameplay I popped a secret achievement from a randomly assembled team in arcade mode, I then took it upon myself to find the rest. There were 8 in all, requiring specific character combinations that were only possible there.