[PSP] けいおん! 放課後ライブ!!

For the longest time, music games seemed out of place with the PSP system, and for good reason: You can't really expect home console peripherals to work with something small, and even a person with insane finger dexterity can't hope to properly use a shrunken equivalent.

Of course, there are some people (like me) who still wish to rock out while doing something with the system short of just using it as an MP3 player. Out of the few companies who dared to try and cater to this need, Sega stood out with the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva series. Aside from music, there were also several fanservice extras in between which gave fans a lot to do. Riding on that advantage, they later came out with K-On! Houkago Live!! to appeal to fans of the recently concluded moeblob anime.


[PSP] 絶体絶命都市3 ~壊れゆく街と彼女の歌~

Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 ~Kowareyuku Machi To Kanojo No Uta~ is the third in a series of action games by Irem that emphasize people beating the odds to prevail against whatever Mother Nature has to throw at them. It's categorized as a Survival Action game, a relative first in my book since I never picked up on any prior Survival Horror games.

The first two were released in the PS2 and upon stateside exposure were horribly westernized, repackaged as Disaster Report and Raw Danger respectively. Hair colors and names were changed, but road signs and other stuff remained Japanese. Here's hoping this one never gets touched by the perpetually dirty and lazy hands of the localization outfits. Besides, I plan on making a wordy translation FAQ/Walkthrough of this game when I've uncovered all of it's little nuances.