[SS] 伝説の糞ゲー紹介01:デスクリムゾン

Before getting quite a number of Rail Shooters for the PS3, I mainly just do it in the arcades and some older systems (until the age of LCD TV came around which essentially made the old light guns useless). My aim isn't really good enough to pass for those FPS games (who have a ton of exploit-users in online matches), so these will have to do.

Among those I've played, the most memorable one that comes to mind (though not in the positive sense) was Death Crimson. Created for the Sega Saturn in 1996 by a company called Ecole Software, this rail shooter had the distinction of being the best of the worst;. so much so that it earned a place among 2chan users as one of those considered "Kusoge of Lore" 

 Seeing that there aren't that many people outside of Japan who know it (let alone understand it) well enough to make a detailed analysis, I'm taking upon myself to do just that.

Beware, this is gonna be quite long. People who aren't really interested in Japanese Kusoge history need not apply.