[PS3] けいじの挑戦:バイオ4の最高難易度をクリアする!

While I'm mostly into niche games, I'm not beyond trying out what the typical folks hail as "the best there is". Of course, after playing them, I often end up totally disagreeing with the pedestal sentiments.

Case in point is Biohazard 4. It drew praise for being a pioneer of several innovative gaming concepts that inevitably spawned countless imitators. While I agree that the atmosphere works, a lot of the gameplay elements were whacked.

Got the game via PSN download about two years ago during a price-down promo to commemorate the launch of Biohazard 6.

Having no experience with the earlier titles (since I'm not too fond of the clunky reverse and camera-dependent control scheme), this was nonetheless my first official foray into the Biohazard world. Note that this is also the first Biohazard game to not feature any zombies, as the enemies here are European villagers possessed by a bio-engineered parasite and are working under a cult. Again, the pioneering effort was strong with this one, and it showed a lot of promise.

Needless to say, things didn't go as well as I'd hoped.