[VITA] ルミネス エレクトロニック シンフォニー

Aside from galges and RPGs, I also fancy diving into puzzle games from time to time. Tetris was an enduring companion from my elementary school days and later in life I fell in love with another block-dropper going by the name of Lumines.

After getting a Vita, Lumines Electronic Symphony became a part of my initial to-buy list... or at least it was until I saw that Ubisoft handled the publishing (went through quite a few poorly-made games by said outfit). The critics sang praises for it being impressive from a gameplay and graphical standpoint, but few of them even noted that the key part of the game is also the music.

The first Lumines for the PSP had a unique sonic vibe to it that made every screen a joy to play despite it's simple presentation. I eventually abstained from getting Electronic Symphony upon finding out that the Daft Punk project didn't go through and that it did not feature even a single track by Takayuki Nakamura.

Got to try the download version for free later on via PS Plus. In my opinion, it's a mixed bag. I appreciated it as a fan of the franchise but there were a lot of things in the game that left much to be desired.


[その他] ういす! また生きとるやで! (その2だったっけ?)

Here we are again with another sign of life post.

With all the funky stuff that life just throws everyday, it's always a problem of motivation. When I'm done with all the necessary evils, I usually just hit up Nico to watch some game commentary vids, drown myself in gaming and occasionally hassle a certain someone else's blog.

I started reviewing for the sake of my self-satisfaction, though nowadays the satisfaction doesn't come up. Even so, I'm not abandoning my solitary spot on the web just because of that pathetic excuse. This may be far from be my usual fare, but for the sake of finally getting another update in, I'm gonna post a little "gaming progress report" of my own.