[PSP] Gundam Assault Survive

Gundam Assault Survive is the latest sequel to the long-running Gundam Battle PSP series. The gameplay and controls haven't changed much, but there are several new features to make sure that veterans from past games won't get bored with this one. It not only features an expansion to the UC timeline scenarios, but there are also ones available for more recent incarnations, namely Cosmic Era (Gundam Seed) and Anno Domini (Gundam 00) arcs respectively.


[PSP] クイーンズブレイド Spiral Chaos

Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos is a strategy RPG based on the bishoujo anime and Lost World combat books by Hobby Japan. Since the game is made by Banpresto, the gameplay is almost similar to Super Robot Wars, but as you can very well see, you don't have robots, pilots and whatnot. Instead, you have a medieval setting populated by weapon-wielding, big-breasted girls, as well as a handful of lolis and a few sexy monsters, meaning that this game guarantees loads of fanservice left and right.


[PSP] Gundam Battle Universe

Given, I'm no hardcore fan of mecha games, but I'm not beyond sitting through one if it totally entertains me. Gundam Battle Universe is an expansion of Gundam Battle Chronicle, a latter incarnation of the long line of PSP Gundam games that focus mainly on the Universal Century timeline, which is favored more by fans than the alternate universes (AC, CE, Anno Domini, etc). Quite frankly, I don't really care which Gundam story the other fans love the most... personally, I found them all interesting. Now before we get off-topic, let's focus on the game.