[PSP]ティンクル☆くるせいだーす GoGo!

While we're on the subject of exceptions, allow me to point out a second reason that I would even consider shelling out dough for a console galge: The mini-game/s within it is enough to keep me hooked to it long after I've finished the story proper. Given the fact that very few galges have halfway decent mini-games, this particular aspect hardly comes to mind. ToraDora Portable! was the last game that had that kind of thrill, since the Taiga beat-em up provided me with countless hours of total stress relief.

Lillian's Twinkle Crusaders (more commonly known as Kuru☆Kuru) was an eroge that set itself apart from the rest because of it's plainly presented but insanely strategic battle system (similar to the static bash-em ups in older Megami Tensei games). It underwent a couple of revisions and was later picked up (and overhyped) by Ascii Media Works along with Kadokawa games, released once more as Twinkle Crusaders GoGo!, a CERO-compliant incarnation. (I'd say family-friendly, but the dizzying array of panchira CG in this game might raise a few eyebrows towards that wording choice) Anyhoo, on with the review.


[PSP] 加奈~いもうと~

Sure, tell me that my love for the genre isn't strong enough, but I have a simple rule for galges: If I have immediate access to the PC (eroge) version, then I won't even bother touching the console version if one was ever released. People with enough knowledge of such games would know where I'm coming from. I'll only be satisfied with panchira if it was all the game can ever offer.

However, I'm not beyond making exceptions to that rule if the galge offered something more profound than just the Hentai scenes. Kana ~Imouto~ is one such exception. It moved me so much when I first played it (and in saying so might just reveal my approximate age to you folks out there) so when I heard that it was being re-released for the PSP, I jumped at the chance to experience it again.


[PSP] クリミナルガールズ

I have to admit, despite being a longtime RPG fan, I haven't been playing one in ages. After finishing Tokyo Mono Hara Shi to game-breaking proportions, I've mainly stuck to Galges and Otoges since my schedule has become rather hectic and offers little free time to get serious with dungeon crawls and grinding.

Nippon Ichi's Criminal Girls got me back on the RPG loop before it was too late. The sprite-based graphics and gameplay are bland to say the least, looking like they were merely recycled from a PSX (or maybe even a Super Famicom) game... but it's most controversial aspect is the heavily marketed appeal to moe and S&M fans: Punishing "bad" girls.